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Luv Kush Drama Start Date, Cast & Story

Luv Kush Drama Serial By Colors Tv

Luv Kush or Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush is an upcoming Indian drama serial on Colors TV. After the popularity of Mahabharata, Porus, and Radha Krishn, the expert of fanciful and occasional dramatization, Siddharth Kumar Tiwari, decides to make drama serial based on Ramayan. The main characters of the show are Himanshu Soni as Lord Ram and Shivaya Pathani as the princess of Mithila, Sita.

Luv Kush Colors Tv Upcoming Drama

The story of the show is centered on popular heroic characters of Luv and Kush, and in this way, it is titled as Luv Kush Full Episodes. Two promos of the show have released, and it attains excellent popularity. Fans are thrilled to watch this fanciful show. Luv Kush starting Date from 5 August 2019 on Colors TV at 8:30 pm.


The story of serial, Luv Kush, revolves around Sita and Ram who got separated because of circumstances. The complete storyline of the show is not yet revealed. The teasers of show disclose that Ram and Sita, the king and queen, is in Ayodhya after vanavas. When Ram’s coronation was about to take place, then eventually they got disparate from each other. Sita found herself alone in woodland, and she begins to live in the forest. There, she does not live like a queen but as a simple woman who resides in the ashram. Sita stays along with many other women who got separated from their spouse. Sita says to other women that the bond between a husband and wife is very strong, and it should not be broken.

On the other hand, Luv and Kush, twins’ son of Sita, come near her. They both send arrows towards the two leaves on which the names of Sita and Ram is written on each leaf separately. They aim to bring two leaves together and become successful in decreasing the distance between leaves. Both leaves hit the tree with the help of arrows. The voice-over tells that Luv and Kush will reunite their disparate parents and they will narrate the story. Luv Kush All Episodes


  • Himanshu Soni – presented his role as Lord Ram and spouse of queen Sita.
  • Shivaya Pathani – playing her role as Queen Sita, princess of Mithila, and wife of Lord Ram.
  • Krish Chauhan – performed his character as Kush, son of Lord Ram and Sita, Twin brother of Luv.
  • Harshit Kabra – presented his role as Luv, son of Lord Ram and Sita, Twin brother of Kush.
  • Kanan Malhotra – performed as Bharat.
  • Navi Bhangu – presenting his character as Lakshman.


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